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woo, first post!

3 songs behind the cut

No More Nightfall (Words and Music - Steve Brunton)

Forget the day, ill never miss it anyway
the night is when i live and breath
i take flight, and journey to the shadows
hiding in the dark intrigue
im watching as, peoples lives gome and go
i take a little bit of their time for mine
and as i move, from person to person
i catch a glimpse of my grand design
no more subtlty
no more secrecy
no more nightfall

all people want is something in return
I guess that its a system that works
felling anemic, feeling drained and bled dry
from a feind that seems to lurk
at their side, drink in hand and voice in ear
you could say hidden in plain view
For no reason, other than to murder time
and to take that time from you

The night goes on, restlessness settles in
whats the point of staying here
Indifference, feels like rejection
Blood as stale as the beer
Hours gone, memories and opinions made
Answering cravings a waste of time
Leave alone, had enough but needing more
Hiding as the sun starts to shine

my band has a slight obsession with the undead and horror, so i was tying to suggest the protagonist was a vampire, and that was a metaphor for, like, the role ive found myself in alot recently, which is as the third wheel.

I dont mean to be forward (but i wanna eat your brains)

"this is my experiment
Welcome subject B
please try not to be zombified
and lay here next to me

i dont mean to be forward
but i want you for your brain
now please try and hold still
and there wont be any pain"

Young Frankie Edgars gonnna make a monster
Pappa Stien would be so proud
But the trips to the morgue and the smell of blood
are startin to draw a crowd
Young Frankie Edgars making a new monster
and is gonna name it after himself
using just some household tools
and the pickled brains he keeps ona shelf

Now that hes a lightning rod
the new born mosters got something to say
"i dont wanna seem to forward
but i wanna eat your brains

i know this is our first date
and you dont usually put out as such
but i want your jugular in MY throat
and i wanna eat your brain for lunch"

"Now listen! Zombie monster!
Im not that kinda girl!
and eating young ladies brains
isnt your reason for being in this world"

"fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly,
and ive gotta make a carrion BBQ"
"carrion? what the hells that?"
"human meat to me and you"

id not really tried to tell a story with my lyrics before, and i really wanted to write a funnyish song, and this is what came out. Hope it raises a smile


Holding a hand, breaking a heart
like taking a finger with a dimond plated knife
A blade so pretty it could be a work of art
A vision of beauty crafted to cause strife

A dash of red, a muffled scream
a sacrifice made to atone for a mistake
Memories from the wound soon begin to bleed
Another moment the knife has left in its wake

Weilding the knife and the beauty it holds
Is someone who demands the blade be used
The finger was taken because sorry wasnt enough
The failures ceremonial gift has been abused

It was meant to show trust, a gift embroided with gold
but once the skin was cut, its purity was sold
and the owner of the knife now has their reward
leaving the giver of the blade permanently flawed

The responsibility comes
In the choice that was made
In understanding all the beauty
Or making use of the blade

its a pretty simple metaphor, the knife being the power one person in a relationship has over the other. I just liked the imagery of a knife so i kept on using it
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