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Rate My Lyrics!

A rating community for lyricists

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Much like the other rate me communitys, this one works on the join-post-something-and-if-we-like-it-you-can-stay-and-if-we-dont-youll-get-un-added principle. However, while most rating communities rely on pictures, this community requires its would-be members to post 3 examples of their lyrical stylee, to be scrutinized by the existing members. The usual rating community rules apply: you can only vote if your an approved member. if your knocked back, you have 2 wait 2 weeks before trying again.
Whats being judged is the overall style and ability of the lyricist, rather than the individual lyrics themselves. So, voters will take everything into consideration - content, originality, style, structure, coolness, annoyingness, everything. And if they decide the lyricist is right for the group, they will vote "yes" and if they dont, they will vote "no". of course, reasons must be given.
Along side each song, a short commentary explaining the ideas behind the song is required.
To keep the community looking neat, all lyrics behind a cut please. Also, this is the first community ive ever made, so bear that in mind if i let the power go to my head.
To keep lyrics coming, members will have to fight for their memberships every 6 weeks, by posting 3 new songs and having them rated.
Finally, the first 5 people to sign up are safe, in, and allowed to vote. however, they must post their three lyrics.